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Creating a Brand

Our firm works with professionals who can develop corporate images in all respects suited to the characteristics you want to give your business in the first place precisely through the creation of the brand. Thanks to the contribution of our creative we can provide an all-round.

File a Trademark

It 'important to protect their brand through the filing of an application with the competent governmental authorities.
The application is examined and, if there are no barriers during the procedure for granting (or if they are exceeded), the brand comes to recording.

Why Register a Trademark

With the advent of the internet the traditional commercial and geographical coordinates are often IMPLIED, so the brand can 'easily be subject to abuse and counterfeiting.
Nell' digital age, in an increasingly virtual and immaterial emerges strongly the need to have a certain reference in its own brand.

Types of Brand

  • Italian brand
  • International Trademark
  • Community Trademark
  • Brand Abroad
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Registering a Trademark

  • Find out if it is adjustable
  • Send order to deposit
  • Creazionde of documents for filing
  • Enter the confirmation of filing
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What Brand and Where

  • Check the conditions of legitimacy
  • Preparation and filing application
  • defense
  • Phase offensive
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Satisfied Customers

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Brand's Register

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All inclusive

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Trademark registration, including online

We have worked for years for the management of all practices relating to the registration of trade marks. We work closely with our customers and we offer our expertise to the presentation of the documentation required to register the mark at the bodies.

Into Many think that it is very difficult to register a trademark. In fact, relying on experienced professionals in the industry is very simple.
It takes 4 steps very fast.

Merchandise classes

Dalla classe 1 alla 34 si trovano tutte le tipologie di prodotti riconosciute dallo Stato italiano.

Per saperne di più

Class 35 to 45 are all the types of services that a company or an individual can exercise.

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Patentsalso Online!
Thanks to the benefits offered by the Internet, Patent and Trademark Rome is able to offer advice online fast, but highly qualified in the same way to allow you to register a trademark with the maximum speed possible.
Brandsand Patents Rome
Patent and Trademark Rome also offers a qualified legal advice on the registration of the trade mark to all those who wish to protect the intellectual property of your company through the registration of its trademark or logo.

Duration and Costs of Brands & Logos

The duration varies, but generally is 10 years from the date of filing or registration. At maturity, you can decide whether to renew the trademark for an equal period of time or do decay.



The costs of trade mark protection-logo are mainly concentrated in the initial phase.



We can produce estimates for the filing of a trademark application in the world.


Legal opinions

We support also in the context of contracts for the sale and licensing of brands, with Italian and foreign companies.

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